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and we are hiring our core team

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"Our mission is to build technology products which 
create positive change in the world."

We believe that technology should enable us to fulfill our own unique paths, instead of being a constant source of distraction and mindless consumption.

We believe and respect the power of technology and find it is not always built in the best interests of people. The negative impact of technology on people’s lives is a deeply troubling trend and needs to be addressed immediately. We want to support the beginning of the #HumaneTech revolution where products are built mindfully, and social capitalism is the only form of sustainable development in the world.

We want to work in the service of others, to move the world forward.

At Atom, 
we are culture-first

Culture is everyday actions and beliefs of each member of the team towards the company mission.

Radical transparency | Intellectual honesty Humbleness | Conscientiousness | High throughput Overcommunication | Dynamic